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About Us

 Above: The Secur-a-cat system in is very unobtrusive.   

Hello....  My name is Roz and chances are that I will be the person you will speak to should you call to enquire about the Securacat cat-proofing system (which I hope you do).   I am always happy to explain how the system works or answer any questions you might have and should you wish to e-mail me any photographs of your garden I will do my best to advise you on the most suitable way forward.

We are a small UK business specialising in cat products and were the first company to develop a catproofing system and offer it in kit form.  Sadly, it was borne out of tragedy following the loss of my own beautiful bengal in an RTA over fourteen years ago.  I still think about her every day and I honestly don't think I had a happy day for five years following her death.  Nothing can prepare you for the shock and enduring heartache that losing a beloved pet in such a callous way can bring.  We immediately set about catproofing our own garden to make it safe for our other cats (I have ten...mostly rescue except for one elderly, but still beautiful Ragdoll) and it was only because all our cat-owner friends wanted us to catproof their gardens too that we were persuaded to market the product.  It has proved hugely successful and even though we manufacture the system, I continue to rely on it as much as any of my customers and would be a nervous wreck without it!  It does give me some comfort all these years later to think that my little babe didn't die in vain, and that in some convoluted way she has helped to save the lives of many other little cats who might by now have perished on the roads. ​

I am a life-long animal lover and vegetarian (in common with many of my customers), and believe that all life is sacrosanct, however humble.. and often try to reach an insect before any of my cats do because we all know the final outcome.  Unfortunately, none of us can buck nature but by confining your cat(s) to your own garden, the opportunity to hunt will be dramatically reduced, and you will be helping to conserve the population numbers of many of our most endangered songbird and small mammal species.

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