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The Secur-a-cat standard kit will enclose a garden with a boundary measuring up to 150 linear ft or approx 50 linear metres.  However, should your garden equate to only half or two thirds of this footage, we will split the kits into those sizes.  And if your garden exceeds this size, we will work out how much extra you are going to require and add it to the price of the kit.  

The sizes given below are based on the most sought after garden dimensions but to help you assess the cost to catproof your own garden, please base your calculations on approx £7.50 per linear metre plus shipping costs.

Each kit will contain everything you need to complete the installation and is inclusive of full fitting instructions. 

Size 1:  This will catproof a garden up to 75 linear ft and is priced at £184.50


Size 2: This will catproof a garden up to 100 linear ft and is priced at £230

Size 3: This will catproof a garden up to 150 linear ft and is priced at £345

Extra materials are available on request....just give us a call or e-mail.

Carriage within the UK is charged at £15 and should be added to above prices.

Professional installations are available.  Please ask for details.

To determine the amount of materials you will need to catproof your garden, you should start by measuring the linear footage of your boundary fence.  To do this, simply take a rule and measure its perimeter, ensuring that all outbuildings or trees that are close to the edge are taken into consideration and included in your calculations. Terraced gardens or gardens with staggered fencing should also be noted.  You will need free access to the top of your fence when you install the system so any creepers or climbing plants will need to be cut back at some point.  The boundary fence becomes the barrier for your cats.  It is therefore imperative that every inch of it is catproofed.

Unless you have uneven fencing or a particularly difficult garden, the general rule is to allow two brackets for each of the interior (or exterior, if applicable) corners with the remainder of the brackets being spaced at 10ft - 12ft intervals (approx every two fence posts, but it is perfectly possible to fit the brackets to the fence itself) along the boundary fence.

Please allow an extra two brackets for any outbuilding (e.g shed) that is positioned in the corner of your garden or a further four for any such structure located elsewhere along the border. Ornamental garden features such as pergolas, gazebos, archways etc or trees that are close to the boundary fence must be catproofed too... but we would strongly recommend that you contact us for advice concerning these types of structure.

If you are unsure of anything please call us.  We are always happy to help and offer assistance.


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