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Secur-a-cat ...the original catproofing system and still the best

Secur-a-cat is a garden catproofing system that has been designed to keep your cat contained within the boundaries of your own garden.  It comprises an overhang of netting that is secured to the top of an existing framework of solid garden fencing.   Whether that framework is wooden, brick or chainlink is unimportant but it must be in good condition, impenetrable and at least 5ft in height - 6ft is ideal.  Natural hedging is not suitable.  

Angled brackets are fitted to the fence and these are linked by two strands of strong (fine) cord that support lightweight netting.  Cats cannot negotiate the netting which forms the barrier for your garden.

The system is relatively simple to install for anyone used to handling tools and is offered in kit form but for those who would prefer a professional installation, we can arrange to have this carried out for you. This is a more expensive option but it carries a guarantee.

A standard kit will enclose a 50ft x 50ft garden i.e. 150 linear ft.  Should your garden measure much less than this however, we will split kits into half or two-thirds of a kit.  Similarly, if your garden exceeds 150 linear ft, we will add the price of the extra materials to your order.  There is no requirement to purchase an extra kit.  

Please note that when making an estimate of your garden's dimensions, any trees or garden structures (e.g. sheds, cat pens, pergolas, gazebos, summerhouses etc) that are close to the boundary fence  should be taken into consideration and included in your calculations because these will almost certainly  require catproofing too.

Full instructions are enclosed with each kit and we are always on hand to offer help or advice should it be required.

New design

Because several systems similar to Secur-a-cat have sprung up in recent years, we decided to take a fresh look at our own product to see if we could improve upon it to make it even better.  This we believe we have achieved by giving the system more flexibility.  The principle of the system (which has proved so successful over the years) remains unchanged, but we have re-designed the brackets to allow the system to drop flush to the fence if (say) heavy snowfall is forecast.  Such weather conditions can cause one or more of the brackets to snap under the extreme weight of snow if allowed to settle on the overhang.  And none of us can guarantee to be at home when such weather strikes!  You may have overhanging branches that need clipping from time to time or trees and shrubs behind the netting that require regular maintenance....or perhaps you want a facility that enables you to clear the leaves that have  accumulated in the cradle of the overhang following the autumn fall. All this is now possible and takes only minutes to carry out.  Resurrecting it is just as simple....and speedy!.


We have taken the precaution of protecting and registering this new design because apart from the reasons given above, it will revolutionise the art of catproofing by giving the customer the freedom to create his own 'bespoke' bracket(s) from a prepared kit should he be faced with a particularly difficult area(s) within his garden.  In fact the possibilities are endless!   Such gardens were once considered too awkward for an amateur to tackle  but that is no longer the case.

A simple chat to us will identify what you need to complete the project.... and your cats are on their way to being safe.

Price: Standard Kit: £345 + £15 p & p.

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