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Why Catproof?

Whilst we all wish our cats to enjoy a natural, free-roaming life, the alarming facts are that with our road systems becoming ever busier, a staggering proportion of these animals will suffer a road traffic accident at some time in their life...often fatally. Many are just kittens.  The statistics are sad beyond words. 

And nothing can prepare you for the shock and enduring heartbreak that follows such a tragic loss.

So the dilemma facing many cat owners is:

indoors - unnatural - outdoors - unsafe

Secur-a-cat offers the perfect compromise to this problem.

By allowing your cat free access to your garden he will enjoy all the fresh air and exercise he needs within the safety of his own garden...and you can relax knowing that he will not fall victim to any of the following:

  • Road traffic accident (RTA)
  • poisoning
  • cat-napping (theft)
  • being shot with an airgun or catapault
  • becoming unwittingly trapped in a shed or unchecked building.
  • infected by diseased cats
  • involved in cat fights
  • hurt by cruel human beings
  • becoming a stray via misadventure
  • attacked by dogs (or foxes)

Equally, he will not become a nuisance to your neighbours who might

otherwise become annoyed at your cat defecating in their garden.  The cat being a dumb animal cannot be expected to observe human territories.

And because cats are such skilled predators they are often held responsible for causing damage to wildlife but by confining him to your garden, the opportunity to hunt will be seriously restricted.

​What does it look like?

Naturally, this is one of the most frequently asked questions but the truth is that the system  is remarkably unobtrusive.  And our new design of bracket is a mere 10mm in diameter, yet it is very strong.  All the materials used to create the overhang have been carefully selected for their strength and durability and to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.​  Selecting photographs that show the system clearly has always been difficult because the only ones that illustrate it with any clarity are those taken directly beneath the overhang, which is not the most flattering angle, but unless the netting is covered in frost or snow, it is hardly visible to the onlooker. 

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